Add Electrical Components to Your New Construction Project

We can install or repair any part of your electrical system

If you're building a home in Hollsopple, Latrobe, or the surrounding PA areas, you can count on DK & A Construction for electrical installation services. We can take you one step closer to finishing your home-build by installing wires, fixtures, switches and outlets. Anything you need to have installed, we've got it covered.

Call 814-915-0260 to speak with a reliable electrician about your construction or remodeling project.

3 signs you need electrical repairs

Electrical problems shouldn't be taken lightly. If your wires or breaker box malfunction, you and your property are at risk.

While you should always make time for routine maintenance, it's important to know when it's time for a repair. You might need our professional help if:

1.Your circuit breaker is tripping frequently.
2.You notice unusual sounds or smells coming from your breaker box.
3.You get shocked when plugging in or unplugging your appliances.

You want to keep your home or business in safe condition by getting reliable electrical repairs and maintenance. Contact us to arrange for electrical services today.